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Rezum®  Surgical Handle
Used for the treatment of benign BPH.  The unique handle design incorporates a dual-acting trigger. The patent pending, magnetic actuator drives the needle eliminating the need for an internal spring and cocking lever.
GeminiSurgical Handle
The mechanics work together with the form.  Noteworthy is the trigger within a trigger safety.
Tilobite™  Biopsy Forcepts  Instrument. An award winning design.  The patented loop-shaped handle protects the thumb slide from excessive drive force.
Spira Uteroscopic Device
Surgical Handle.  Spiral detail at the end rests in palm for added balance and grip.
Nautilus™  Uteroscopic Instrument.  
An award winning design. Patented rotator spins the basket. It has a positive grip and is light weight. Form and function work together.

Rapidcross PTA Luer
The unique shape provides secure grip.
Evercross Balloon Catheter
The unique shape provides a secure grip and an easily identifiable balloon port.
Cardioblate® BP Surgical Ablation Device.  This a start-from-scratch, first-generation handle.  The slender, pronounced curve make this a compact and highly functional design for open heart surgery.
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