Designing from the inside out is the the way engineers typically work - a  "form  follows  function"  mindset.
Industrial designers are the opposite, working from the outside in - a  "function  follows  form" mindset.

At Bilitz Design we are adept at both professions so we practice a   "form and  function"  mindset,  ( f+f ).  

Because we wear both hats, we coax harmony between form and function so you benefit from both, with fewer design iterations, shorter lead times to market, and most importantly, lower development costs.

Experience, knowledge, and a network of associates allows us to satisfy your most demanding project requests, despite our smaller size. I match the right people to the right task at the right time, people I trust and have worked with for years.  My network consists of match-grade engineers, machinists, cad operators. 

What many clients appreciate about us is our ability to see the big picture yet focus on small, picky details.  We hunt for problems that typically go unnoticed, looking for root causes everywhere.  Think of us as having a bird's eye view with the eyes of an eagle.

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